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The behaviour advice your pet wishes you knew.

Combined behaviour and veterinary advice specific to your pet.

Why endure, when help and clarity is possible?

- Ongoing stress affects your pet's physical health and reduces life expectancy*

- Behaviour problems are more likely to get worse, not better with time or the wrong advice*

- Pain and other medical issues often contribute to your pet's behaviours.* Combining behavioural science and veterinary medicine is often needed to identify these links.

- Problems may reduce temporarily, but often resurface especially in times of change

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 Steps to progress
Woods Veterinary Behaviour 
1. Consultation for assessment
2. Creation of treatment plan
3. Progress step by step with support at every point

If you are worried, stressed or embarrassed by your pet's behaviour,

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information and opinions out there,

You are not alone.

Up to 85% of dog owners report problems with their dog's behaviour*

Up to 61% of cat owners report problem behaviours*
I understand that problem behaviours in our pets can be very stressful to live with and sometimes life-changing. 

- I would love to promise you a complete resolution of the problems you are facing with your pet, however many behaviour problems are deeply ingrained or can have genetic factors. 

What I can promise

-No matter the behaviour, no matter the severity - together we will create a plan to restore harmony and I will be there to guide you. 

- Clarify what actions you can take on a day-to-day basis to make progress - no need to keep trying everything you read on Dr Google.

- Boost your understanding of your pet.


- Give you insight into what they are thinking.

- Every pet, home and family situation is different as well as your definition of success. I promise to always give honest advice including about prognosis. 

-Often pets surprise us with their resilience and ability to change - this can only happen if we take the right steps forward.



Amber M

We can't praise Natasha enough for her help! Our dog Freyja had worsening anxiety and behavioural issues that our trainer couldn't help with. Since our first meeting with Natasha, Freyja has made so much progress! She is now a much happier, more relaxed girl.
Natasha is super knowledgeable, professional and kind. We are so grateful for her help and advice – we'd recommend her to everyone struggling with their pets behaviour!

Tahli M


Dr Tash provided me with a zoom consultation to help with the behaviour of my cat Albie. Albie was displaying issues with inappropriate urination and unfavourable behaviours within the house.


Dr Tash worked through these issues with me and was able to provide excellent advice to help resolve these issues. Albie is now a content and happy housemate who urinates where he is supposed to.


I would recommend Dr Tash to anyone who has animals with behaviour issues.


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