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Case Studies


Rosie is a 4.5 year old golden Labrador who suffers from noise phobias.


This started when she was a puppy where she would startle and hide in response to a loud noise.


Unfortunately, despite best efforts at home, over the years Rosie's behaviours and emotions escalated. 


At the time of seeing Rosie for her consultation, she would be triggered by traffic noises, helicopters, fireworks, thunder and even heavy rain to the point where she would become afraid to go outside.


Rosie would often be found hiding under the table in response to loud noises, such as thunder, and would show signs of anxiety in anticipation of these events during the following weeks such as panting, trembling, hypersalivating, seeking comfort and attention.

Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 8.10.13 am.png

Due to Rosie being fearful of many noises, especially those we could not avoid, she was prescribed specific medication to help reduce her sensitivity to noises and to bring her associated emotions down to a level where she could start to learn that noises are ok. 

Along with her caregiver's diligent work on her behaviour management plan, this has made significant improvements to Rosie’s life and we’re extremely pleased with how she is progressing.

For example, Rosie can now listen to a motorbike passing the house, put her head up but stay settled - Something she would have never managed previously!


The months of November and December aren’t too kind to our furry friends with noise phobias as Guy Fawkes Night, Christmas, and New Year’s celebrations are often noisy affairs.


Fortunately for Rosie, we have started a treatment plan and we hope she continues being a happy, healthy golden Labrador.

Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 8.10.13 am.png
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